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I offer these symbols of hope and healing for all survivors.
Good luck and Sonoma Strong are open editions at cost.
The balance of the photos is priced at limited editions.

”Good Luck” is my wish for everyone affected by the Sonoma fire of Oct 2017.
In my photo searches of the remains of the fire, I discovered during the spring, a horseshoe. It was already set as you see it today unchanged.

The quilt, entitled Sonoma Strong, utilizes my documentary photos in a matrix of home and heart. The quilt translates light and tears from the ash toward the hopeful sky. Pins secure the images as the mind remembers. The pins may translate as tears shed or rain that we prayed so hard for during the fire.  To rebuild our soul lives, and, the material I believe our bountiful spirit will rise as a great unifier and a stronger Sonoma.



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