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Updated: May 24, 2018

Press Democrat awarded Pulitzer Prize in the category of breaking news for its diligent coverage of the historic October wildfires.

Credit: Teresa Camozzi

Documenting the aftermath of the October Wildfires is no easy task, taking "too close to home" to a new level. This IS home, and documenting the devastation is reliving the experience again and again and again. But, someone has to do it. These historical and catastrophic wildfires are just the beginning of what Climate Change has to bring and if things don't change soon we will all face a grim future. Congratulations, Press Democrat. Thank you for your dedicated work in our community and thank you for keeping us informed with live information in the midst of the chaos.

The Pulitzer Committee praised The Press Democrat

"...for lucid and tenacious coverage of historic wildfires that ravaged the city of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, expertly utilizing an array of tools, including photography, video and social media platforms, to bring clarity to its readers — in real time and in subsequent in-depth reporting."

In an age of fake news, biased media reporting, misinformation and political turmoil, it makes us proud to see our local news paper living up to the integrity that all influential media outlets should have. Through fierce and honest journalism we have a chance in inspiring change that we wish to see in the world. We cannot rely on our government or political powers alone to change the course of Climate Change. We must accept the responsibility that comes with awareness and begin to make changes on our own daily lives to live more sustainably. We must have depth in our vision vision to clearly see how our actions impact the planet in the long-term. No single person making changes alone will change the course of humanity but collectively all of our choices add up and the sum of those choices is the current state that we are in. The more of us that inspire change the more positive our future becomes.

"Earth's beauty has been punctured."

Teresa Camozzi's words touched my heart today. It is her hope that through documentation of the Sonoma wildfires conversations of change will be inspired not just in our own community, but everywhere. Not just conversation among those who are already inspired to make changes but also among those who simply do not yet understand the importance of changing our lifestyles. It is also important to move past fear and speak from determination and hope for fear does not always motivate and inspire but story telling and connection to human experience does. That is the power of media - to capture human emotion in its most vulnerable and raw form and use it to tell a distinguished and realistic story, something that The Press Democrat is certainly doing right.


Want to jump in on the action and help us document what the world needs to see?

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